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17/03/2017 21:15 #38768 από Stabill

In 2015 we gave you the heads up over an in development game for the Amstrad CPC, that wow'd most of our Amstrad readers. It was none other than 4Mhz Amstrad homebrew platformer ' The Lost Treasure of Cuauhtemoc', which was shown off in glorious high quality Amstrad detail. Looking like a Castlevania, Pentacorn Quest and Rick Dangerous mash up, this game puts you in the shoes of an Adventurer on a quest to find the hidden treasure, lost within the dangerous undergrounds of the Cuauhtemoc Crypt.

The lost treasure of Cuauhtemoc looks to be the most impressive Amstrad homebrew game we've seen for some time on the Amstrad. But graphics isn't everything when it comes to games, and this one looks to be full of entertainment as well. Especially as you must avoid deadly traps, fight menacing baddies such as mummies and snakes, and finally find the ultimate treasure of the last king of Mexico.

Publishing by 4Mhz for the AMSTRAD CPC with JGNAVARRO Code, Sound and FX of MCKLAIN and Graphics of SAD1942 ( Translated ) - Coming Soon

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