Amiga, Agony & ...Dimmu Borgir(!!!)

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20/05/2016 22:41 #36228 από Stabill
Amiga, Agony & ...Dimmu Borgir(!!!) δημιουργήθηκε από Stabill
Διαβάζοντας το πρόσφατο απόκτημά μου Commodore Amiga: a visual Commpendium, "ανακάλυψα" το εξης:

(αντιγράφω από το βιβλίο)

"When Franck Sauer heard my soundtrack for Agony he loved it, but offered to improve upon the piano samples. At the time I didn't have access to many great samples, so I naturally agreed. It was only after the game was released that I realised Franck's samples were in the wrong octave, so the tune wasn't 100% correct. As things turned out this didn't seem to matter much, as it became one of the most popular Amiga tunes I've ever written. It was even covered (illegally) by Norwegian Band Dimmu Borgir as a track called Sorgens Kammer on their album Stormbldst."

Tim Wrighi

Για του λόγου το αληθές, ορίστε!!!

...και το πρωτότυπο:

...και το πρωτότυπο:

(γκρουπάρα οι D.B. και αφού γουστάρουν Amiga games, χαλάλι τους!!!!!) :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
:P :P :P :P :P :P
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