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07/09/2015 22:26 - 07/09/2015 22:36 #31910 από VincentGR
Commodore-Amiga-2200-A1000jr δημιουργήθηκε από VincentGR
Πρωτότυπο μοντέλο Amiga τώρα στο ebay :crazy:

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07/09/2015 23:33 - 08/09/2015 18:56 #31914 από alex76gr
Απαντήθηκε από alex76gr στο θέμα Commodore-Amiga-2200-A1000jr
Προς το τέλος της αγγελίας υπάρχουν δυο λόγια για το παρασκήνιο πίσω από αυτό το μηχάνημα.
Διαβάζοντας διαπίστωσα ότι η ιστορία της Amiga κρύβει ένα παζλ από θλιβερές προδοσίες εις βάρος της. :(

Details from :

A few months after the cancellation of the A1000+ and A3000+ it was decided the company should attempt to salvage the A1000+ technology and build a lower spec ECS-based machine. The project was developed under the codename 'A1000jr', an unofficial title intended to annoy Bill Sydnes.

In an e-mail exchange, Dave Haynie commented on one of the changes made to the A1000jr design:

"They did the backplanes 2-layer, and when I pointed out that Zorro III didn't run on a 2-layer backplane, they disabled Zorro III mode, so these were Zorro-II only."

After months of development four configurations were produced for the mid-range market. These would fit between the A500 and A3000 in the Commodore product line.

Model CPU Number of Zorro II slots

A2200 68020 2
A2400 4
A3200 68030 2
A3400 4

Appearance: Used

Functionality: Mostly Working



As pictured, a Commodore Amiga 2200 motherboard, Rev 1 along with an A2400 daughter (riser) board Rev 0.0. The board runs good enough to boot workbench 3.1. Below are some notes about this unique system:

- The A4000 form factor (i.e. case) was based off of this design. This board will fit into an A4000 case and will use an A4000 power supply. Keyboard connector appears the same as an A4000, but was not tested.

- The ROMs appear to be standard A4000 V3.0 types. Not sure that these are the original ROMs, but seems reasonable given the similarity between the two machines.

- The riser came in the same lot, but not the same box as the motherboard. Uncertain if it goes with the motherboard. However the A2400 (a 4-slot 2200) designation would seem to indicate that it is the proper one. The riser mechanically fits perfectly in the motherboard. System was tested without the riser installed to reduce the risk of any damage.

- Battery is still attached and doesn’t appear to have leaked.

- Board has 1MB of Chip RAM soldered on board with a 72-pin SIMM slot to expand.

- Board has a 25mhz 68020 and 68882 on-board with an A3000/A4000 style fast-slot for expansion.

- Display was clear and crisp utilizing a GBS-8220 external scan converter plugged into the 23-pin RGB port.

Due to the rarity and risk of damage, only limited testing was done:

- No keyboard, floppy drive, 72-pin SIMMs, or riser board was installed.

- Was able to boot from an A4000 formatted 512MB CompactFlash with a passive adapter. Booted straight to Workbench 3.1 without any errors.

- A standard Amiga mouse was plugged in and the pointer moved correctly as well as registering left and right clicks.

- Sysinfo was run and screen shots provided

The finished products were production-worthy, but were never ordered by a sales company within Commodore. In an attempt to recoup the cost of development, Commodore reused the case design for the A4000 a year later, and upgraded the A1000Jr configuration into the A3200.

" Έχω σε 46άρα κασέτα όλα τα τραγούδια των Metallica! " :D
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